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Basmati rice – 2 cup
Onion cut long -2 cup
Sprouted green gram ( cherupayar mulapichathu) – ¼ cup
Green peas cooked – ¼ cup
Coconut milk – 1 cup
Ghee – ½ cup
Garlic – 8 cloves cut into very small pieces
Ginger – – one inch ( chopped into small pieces)
Cloves , cardamom, cinnamon ( one inch long ) 8- 10 nos
Pepper – 10
Bay leaf – 2
Lemon juice – 2 table spoon
Salt – to taste

Method of preparation

Clean the rice and soak it for 15 minutes.
Take a pan and heat ghee. Add onion into it and fry till it becomes golden brown colour. Take the half portion of the onion and keep it separate. Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper , bay leaf , remaining portion of the fried onion and mix it for one minute. Add half portion of the cooked green peas sprouted green gram , ginger, garlic, chilly, and salt and mix for some more minute. Add the coconut milk and cook it for ten minutes. The add the soaked rice, remaining ginger, garlic, chilly and salt and mix. Also add required hot water and pressure cook. Then can remove from the stove

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