Kumbalanga / Ash Gourd – ½ Kilo ( cut into very thin pieces)
Cumin seeds – ¼ tea spoon
Van Payar – ½ Cup ( boiled )
Green chilly – 5
Shallots – 8 nos
Coconut milk – one half of the coconut
Curry leaves – 1 strip
Coconut oil – 1 table spoon

Method of preparation

Cook the Ash gourd by adding required water, salt and cumin seed. Then add green chillies , shallots, curry leaves and cook again for some time. when the water gets drained add coconut milk and boiled van payar into it . keep the stove in low flames and pour the coconut oil above it. Once you add the coconut milk , it should not get boiled. Once it get heated you can remove it from the stove and can serve.

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