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Maida – 250 gm
Sugar – 300 gm
Egg- 15
milk – 3 spooon
Cashew – 50gm
Kismis – 50 gm
Cuscus – 2 gm
Cardamom powder – 1/2/ spoon
Oil – as needed

Mix the maida well and prepare small balls out of it as for chappathi. Make it like small chappathi and cook. In a frying pan cook 7 eggs, 3 tbsp sugar and cardamom powder. Fry cashew and kismis in ghee. Mix the rest of the eggs, sugar and milk together. Dip each chappathi in this mixture and place in a pan brushed with oil. Place the egg mixture prepared on top of each chappathis. Continue this till the last chappathi. Close the lid and cook the chappathis.

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