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Chilly and Fish is a favorite combination in any state. But here we prepare a different style. That too fish with pacha kurumulaku ( pepper).

Cut slightly on the bottom of the fish and take out the gills, intestine and the other dirt and clean the stomach. Slide the knife across the fish in opposite directions to remove the scales and ‘score ‘(diagonal cuts to the skin) on both sides lightly Take a hand full of pacha kurumulagu ( green pepper ), garlic , one small piece of ginger, curry leaves and required salt and grind to become a smooth paste. Then stuff this paste inside the stomach of the fish and then on the head part by pulling slightly the fins. Then marinate the fish with the paste and leave it for some time so that the masala will get stick. Then deep fry in oil. If you did not remove the skin then after frying just pull slightly from the head part and the skin will come out cleanly. After removing the skin you can serve this pepper mathi fry.

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