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Mathi ( fish) – ½ kilo
Raw pepper – 70 gram
Green chillies – 5
Garlic chopped – 25 gram
Ginger chopped – 25 gram
Curry leaves – 2 strip
Shallots – 100 gram
Mustard seed – 5 gram
Kudampuli – little
Coconut oil – 25 milli
Salt – as required

Method of preparation

Grind the Shallots, green chillies, pepper, garlic, ginger, curry leaves and make a paste. Clean the mathi (fish ) and add the paste, kudampuli , required water and cook it in low flame,
When the curry gets thickened, and drain out the water remove it from the stove. Take a pan and heat oil. Add the mustard seed and allow it to splutter, then add garlic, curry leaves and fry. Pour this
Fried ingredients into the curry and mix.

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