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Chemeen ( Prawns ) – ½ Kilo
Onion – 3
Tomato – 3
Green chilly – 5
Chilly powder – 2 tea spoon
Turmeric powder – ½ tea spoon
Mustard seed – 1 tea spoon
Curry leaves
Coconut oil

Method of preparation

Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seed into it and make it to splutter. Add the onion and fry. After some time add tomato into it and fry. Then Add curry leaves and green chilly and sauté well. When this get sauté well add the chilly powder and fry. Then add required water into it to make the mixture into gravy. Add the chemmen ( prawns ) and mix well. Cook the prawns by closing the lid for some time. When the prawns get cooked and the gravy get thickened remove it from the stove. Then add the curry leaves and coconut oil and mix.

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