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Jelatin (unflavored) – 1 pack ( 2 ¼ tea spoon)
Water – 3 table spoon
Heavy cream – 1 cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Vanilla bean – 1 (slit and taken the flesh)
Yogurt – 1 can (16 owns)

Method of preparation
1) In order to set the gelatin, dip it in one bowl of water and keep it aside for five minutes.
2) Take a small sauce pan; add cream, sugar, vanilla and heat. You have to stir it continuously in low flame till the sugar gets dissolved and then remove from the stove.
3) Heat the gelatin dissolved water slightly. When this become soft add this to cream.
4) Take yogurt in a bowl and beat it till it become soft.
5) Mix the cream mixture and yogurt mixture well
6) Transfer this content to dessert cups or bowls and keep it in refrigerator for 45 hours to make it set.
7) You can decorate this tasty Yogurt panna cotta with ripen strawberry or mint leaves and can serve.

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