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Plantain/Ethapazham – 2 ripe
Egg – 2 nos
Sugar – 2 table spoon
Raisins – 15 nos
Cashew nut – 1 table spoon
Ghee – 2 table spoon
Oil to shallow fry or deep fry
Cardamom powder – 1 pinch
Oil to fry

Method of preparation

Wash the bananas, Cut the same into two or three pieces take little water in a vessel and cook it with skin . the plantains should be cooked till the outer skin get separated. After that drain out the water completely. Cut the cooked plantain into small pieces and mince it in a grinder to make a fine paste without adding water. Beat Egg and little sugar in a small bowl. Take a sauce pan and add 2 tea spoon of ghee . Now form a well and add the beaten egg and till it spread evenly and mixture turn dry. Remove it from the flames and add the cashew nut raisins and cardamom powder.

Oil your palm and take a lemon sized ball of the mashed banana mixture. Flatten it to a thin sheet in your palm. Keep the egg mixture in the middle of the banana sheet and press the end with your fingers. Cover and seal it to form a cylindrical shape. Repeat the same with the rest of the banana mixture. Now heat oil in a pan in medium flame. Put the cylindrical shaped banana balls and shallow fry it. Tasty Unnakkaya js ready.

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