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Tender Coconut Pudding - Adukkala

Tender Coconut Pudding


Tender Coconut (Water and Pulp) : 2
Gelatin: 20/25 grams
Condensed Milk: 1 tin
Milk – 2 cup
Sugar – as required
Coconut ( grated ) – 1 cup


Blend together the tender coconut pulp and the half the portion of tender coconut in a blender and set it aside. Fry the grated coconut and one spoon of sugar till get brown color. Heat the remaining tender coconut water and add the dissolved gelatin and condensed milk and mix well.

Allow the mix to get cool. Once the mix get cooled add the tender coconut mix (mix of pulp and water) and mix it. Take the bowl what you prefer to make the pudding and spread the fried Grated coconut mix and keep it in freezer for some time to make the coconut stiff. Pull out the bowl from freezer and pour the pudding mix and stir well. You can also spread the fried coconut above it. Keep it in freezer for 30 minutes and then place in the refrigerator for some time. Once it get. Once it get cooled then you can place the plate and can cut into the preferred shapes. The yummy pudding is ready

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