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Milk – ½ liter
Sugar – ¼ cup
Maida – 2 table spoon
Vanilla essence – 1 tea spoon
Butter – 2 tea spoon
Caramelized nuts – 50 gram

Method of preparation

Take a pan and boil milk. When it starts to get boiled add the sugar into it. After boiling reduce the flames. Mix maida in half cup of water without lumps. Then add this in the boiled milk. Stir well so that is not forming lumps. Later remove from the flames. Then add butter and essence into it. on getting cooled beat it in the blender. Then keep it in fridge to get set. After one hour again blend it in the mixer. Then again keep it in refrigerator and set it. later scoop it and decorate it with caramelized nuts.

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