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Pineapple ( beaten in mixer) – 1
Carrot beaten – 250 gram
Ethapazham beaten – 2
Pachari soaked and powdered – 300 gram
Jaggery syrup =- 600 gram
Cardamom powder – 6
Coconut milk – of one coconut
Coconut oil – 100 gram
Ghee – 2 table spoon
Cashew nut chopped – 50 gram
Kismis – 50 gram
Salt – one pinch

Method of preparation

Take the fine rice flour and add all the beaten ingredients , jaggery syrup, coconut milk and salt and mix it well by using your hand. The batter should not have lumps. Then an uruli. Add the above content into it and mix well by using your hand. Then place this uruli on the stove and keep on stirring it using tawa.
When it gets thickened add coconut oil and ghee fried cashew nut and kismis , ghee and cardamom powder into it and stir well. When the content get separated from uruli, keep it in reduced flame. Then take a flat vessel and pour the content. On getting cooled you can cut and serve.

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