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1. Spunch cake – 8 inch square
2. Orange Juice – 1 cup
3. Milk – 2 cup
4. Egg – 3 Yellow and white yoke separated
5. Sugar – ¼ cup
6. Salt – one inch
7. Icing sugar – 6 big spoon
Method of preparation

Pre heat the oven in 300 degree F.
Cut the cake into one inch long square pieces. then keep this in the oven proof dish .
Pour orange juice above it and keep it aside without shaking for few minutes.
Boil the milk and then allow it to be in the low flames for some time.
Take the yellow yolk of the egg in a vessel and add the 4,5, 6 ingredients and beat well with a beater and mix well.
Add the boiled milk into the egg mixture and stir well by beating it.
Keep this vessel into a boiled water and stir it continuously

When the mixture comes to the custard stage , when the mixture gets stick in the spoon pour it above the prepared cake.

Mix the egg white and icing sugar and mix well by beating well and keep it aside
Pour this mixture above the top of prepared cake and bake it for 12 -15 minutes in a oven.

Tasty Orange Cake is ready

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