1. Oats which will get cooked easily – one cup
2. Dried mixed fruit – ½ cup
3. Milk – 2 cup
4. Egg – 1
5. Sugar – ¼ cup
6. Vanilla – ½ tea spoon
7. Salt – one pinch
8. Syrup – 1 table spoon

Method of preparation

Since this will be served directly , it will be good if you make in four separate baking cup ( custard cup) . Take the non stick baking cups and keep it aside. Take milk, beaten egg , vanilla, sugar , salt in a separate vessel and mix. After that add the oats , dry fruits into it and mix well. Pour this mixture into the baking ups . bake it in oven in 350 degree Celsius for half an hour. After that take it out and decorate it with dry fruit, syrup. Make some good and funny shapes so that children can enjoy while eating.

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