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Apple – 5
Papaya – 1
Grapes – ½ kilo
Banana – 3
Lemon juice – 2 spoon
Citric Acid – 3 spoon
Sugar – 1 kilo

Method of preparation

Peel off the skin from the fruits and mix all the fruits and cook. You can peel of the skin from the apple after cooking. Mash the cooked fruits well or beat it by using a blender. This process is done to make the fruits into pulp. Heat a pan in the stove and put the fruit pulp into it. Stir it continuously . the water from the fruits should be drained out completely while boiling. Add the citric acid into it. Stir it continuously till it comes to the stage of jam. When it comes to the jam stage you can switch off the stove and add the lemon juice into it and mix well. On getting cooled transfer the content into an air tight container .

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