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1.Maida – 2 cup
2.Sugar powder – One and half cup
3.Baking Powder – One table spoon
4.Salt – one teaspoon
5.Water – three quarter cup
6.Egg yellow – seven
7. Vegetable oil – half cup
8. Lemon peal scrapped – two lemon’s
9.Vanilla essence – two teaspoon
10. egg white – eight
11. Cream of Tartar – half teaspoon


Preheat the oven to 165 degree. Sieve together maida, half cup sugar powder and salt. In another pan, beat the egg yellow and pour oil into this and again beat. Then add water, essence and lemon peal and beat again. In another pan take the maida mix and pour into the centre of it the beaten egg yellow and beat it with an electric beater until soft. Take another large dry pan beat the egg yellow until frothed and add cream of tartar and beat again in high speed.(can also use half teaspoon lemon juice instead of cream of tartar). Add the remaining sugar and beat again until froth. Beat until a heap of froth is formed when the beater is raised.
Add one third of this into the maida mix using a rubber spatula and mix. Then pour the rest and mix well. Pour this quickly into a buttered tube pan of 10 inch diameter and 3 inches high and bake in the oven for 55 to 60 minutes. Right after removing the cake from the oven enter a wine bottle neck into the tube and keep the bottle on a table to cool for one and half hour. Remove the cake and use.

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