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Halwa is made in different stages. First Knead the Maida to make a dough. Dissolve this kneaded dough in water. After that filter it by using a filter. Keep the milk which you get after filtering the maida dough for 3 days. It is this milk which you store for 3 days is used to make halwa.


Maida milk – 8 kilo
Water – 5 litres
Sugar – 20 kilo
Coconut Oil – 30 kilo
Cashew Nut – 3 kilo
R K G Red Colur Ghee – 3 kilo

Method of preparation

The halwa should be prepared with the heat of 140 degree. First dissolve the 15 kilo sugar in 5 litres of water. Then add RKG Red colour Ghee. Pour the earlier prepared maida milk ( 8 kilos) into this mixture. Then add the 30 kilo coconut oil , 5 kilos of sugar and stir it continuously for almost 20 minutes. While getting boiled add the 30 kilo Cashew into it. Then remove the vessel from the flames. Remove the excess oil from the halwa vessel and add after adding the ghee remove the mixture into the halwa tray . By using a flat wooden spoon beat the halwa for so many times to bring this into halwa shape and equal measure.

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