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1.broken wheat – 1 cup
2.cow milk – 1 cup
3.condensed milk – ½ tin
4.china gras – 10 gram
5.vanilla essence – 1 small spoon
6.cherry – 10 ( to decorate)

Method of preparation

Soak the broken wheat in water for two hours. Then add water and grind it in mixer to fine paste and keep it aside. Soak the china grass in half cup of water and keep it in stove and boil it. Stir well and boil it till the water get drained. Add the cow milk into the wheat milk and boil. Then add the condensed milk into it and stir continuously. when the syrup gets thick consistency then add the vanilla essence and mix. then remove from the flame and keep it aside. Pour this in a pudding tray and keep it for cooling. When it gets cooled decorate it with cherry and keep it refrigerator to get set. Can serve.

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