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1.Wheat Flour – 450 gram
2.Jaggery syrup – 1.25 kilo
3.Coconut – 2
4.Ghee – 225 gram
5.Vegetable fat – 225 gram
6.Cashew nut – 225 gram
7.Cardamom – 10 gram

Method of preparation

1.Knead the wheat flour by adding little water and keep the dough aside for the whole night.
2.Make the jaggery syrup by dissolving it in hot water
3.Grate the coconut and take out the milk from it
4.Take the prepared dough, jaggery syrup, coconut milk and cook it. Stir continuously till the it get thickened.
5.When it get thickened add ghee, cashew nut
6.After that remove from the stove and add cardamom powder
7.Then spread this in a flat vessel
8.When it gets cooled, cut it in required shape

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