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Egg – 60 nos
Maida (all purpose flour) – 2 Kilo
Sugar – 2 Kilo
Gel – 100 Gram
Sun Flower Oil – ½ Liter
Milk Essence
Vanilla Essence

Method of preparation

First of all Beat the 60 eggs with the help of an egg beater. After that , add one cap of milk essence, two cap of vanilla essence, gel and maida accordingly. Mix all this in a blender for almost 5 minutes. Then add the ½ liter of sunflower oil and beat again for almost 2 minutes.

Pour this mixed batter in suitable vessel and bake it in 100 degree Celcious for 20 minutes. Keep the baked cake for cooling for 15 minutes. After that you can do the icing. For icing use the beaten cream of butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence. Decorate the cake with the icing cream and the dhoom cake is ready.

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