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1.Dates ( remoed seeds and grinded in a mixer) – 1 cup
2.Maida – 2 cup
3.Banana ( poovan pazham) – 2 nos
4.Sugar powder – 1 big spoon
5.Water, coconut milk – as required
6.Coconut oil – 1 cu[
7.Baking powder – ½ tea spoon
8.Cardamom powder – ½ tea spoon
9.Dried coconut – cut into small pieces – 4 tea spoon

Method of preparation

Knead the dates, maida by adding water and coconut milk. Add the cut banana pieces into it an add sugar, baking powder, cardamom powder and make the batter little loose. Add the dried coconut pieces into the batter and Keep it aside for some time . place the appa kuzhi on the stove, pour the oil in each portion until it is half full and then heat it. After oil gets heated pour a small amount of this batter into the oil in each portion. Turnover with the help of a stick and cook until appams are fried well and become golden brown on both sides.

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