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Sugar – 3 cup
Besan ( Bengal gram) – 1 cup
Coconut ( powdered in mixer) – 1 cup
Ghee – 1 cup
Condensed milk – 1 tin
Badam, cashew, pista – 10 number each

Method of preparation

Take a pan. Add ¼ glass of water. Dissolve 3 cup of sugar in the water. Before the sugar gets dissolved add the Bengal gram flour without lumps. Add the coconut powder and mix. then add condensed milk and cook it. Add ghee . stir continuously . take a vessel and boil little water and add pista and cook it for ten minutes. Then keep the cooked pista aside . cut the cashew nut, almond into very small pieces. Before the mixture get thickened transfer it to the ghee greased tray. Then take bottom rounded vessel and grease the bottom with ghee. Spread the mixture above it slightly. Sprinkle badam and cashew nut pieces above it. Then again spread ghee above it. Before it gets cooled cut it in required shapes. Decorate it with cream drops and silver paper flower.

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