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Maida – 3 glass
Sugar ( powdered) – 2 glass
Coco powder – 6 spoon ( small)
Salt – 1 spoon
Baking soda – 2 spoon
Vegetable oil – ¾ glass ( can use corn oil or sunflower oil)
Sour Curd – 2 spoon
Water – 2 cup
Vanilla essence – 2 spoon

Method of preparation

Keep all the above said ingredients ready. Before mixing it, light the stove and preheat the pressure cooker preferably of 5 liter. Take an aluminum flat vessel which is suitable for the pressure cooker. if you have only a small vessel then the ingredients should be taken about the half ratio of that. Preheat the cooker and put little bit of sand in the pressure cooker and heat for 10 minutes. When the sand get heated reduce the flame
Then mix all of the ingredient in a container: flour, sugar , Coco powder , baking soda , and salt and mix well. Then add oil, salt, essence, and water together and mix well to become a puffed batter for 2 minutes.

Take the aluminum vessel which you want to bake the cake, spread little oil and grease it with maida . then pour the cake batter in the greased vessel. Don’t fully fill the container. Fill only half portion of the container. After that you place the container in the pressure cooker Then close the cooker without the cooker weight. Keep the flame in the medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes. After 7 minutes you can open the cooker and can add the nuts or kismis into it. Then again close the cooker. After 15 minutes you can switch off the stove. On getting cooled take out the cake by turning the vessel upside down and can cut it and keep.

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