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Milk ( full cream milk) – 4 ½ cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Skimmed milk powder – 6 table spoon
Water – 2 table spoon
Cream ( cooled ) – 250 gram
Yellow colour – some drops
Vanilla essence – ½ tea spoon
Instant coffee – 2 tea spoon
Gellitin – 1 tea spoon

For Caramel syrup

Sugar – ½ cup
Water – 1 table spoon

Method of preparation

Take a vessel . pour milk and boil it. Take half cup of hot milk and dissolve the milk powder into it, filter it and then add the same in to the remaining portion of milk. Add sugar and boil for 25 minutes,
In order to prepare caramel milk, Take a thick bottom vessel. Add half cup of sugar into one table spoon of water . Heat it in low flame till the sugar gets dissolved. When it becomes yellow colour remove it from the flames. Add one cup of custard. Stir continuously. Keep it in low flame till the caramel gets dissolved. Add this caramel custard into the remaining milk. Add the instant coffee and boil it. Stir well till it get mixed well.

Add gelletin with 2 table spoon of water and boil it in a thick bottom vessel in low flame. Keep on stirring continuously. Add this into the hot custard and mix well. then keep it for cooling. Then keep it in fridge for 3-4 minute and freeze it. Beat the cream and keep it separate. Make the custard into pieces . beat it make softer. Add cream , vanilla essence, yellow colour and mix . then keep it in fridge. Once it get set take out and serve

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