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Chocolate Ice Cream - Adukkala

Chocolate Ice Cream


Milk – ½ Lt
Egg yolks, whisked – 5
Sugar – 50 grams
Cocoa powder – 3 spoon
Chocolate – ½ cup (powder)
Milk cream (thick) – 250 g


Add sugar with egg yellow yoke and stir well till it become soft. In a separate vessel heat the milk, make sure not to get boiled. Pour this heated milk on the egg yoke mixture and stir well to combine. Heat this mixture on a low flame and stir well and make sure it not getting boiled. When the mixture get thickens, remove from stove and keep it aside. Add the coco powder and mix well to get combine and allow this to get cool. Add the powdered chocolate and mix well. Once it get cooled pour this in a bowl and keep it in refrigerator to make it thick. At this point don’t keep this in Freezer. Once it get thicken take out the mix from the refrigerator and keep separate. Blend the thick milk cream in a blender and add the same to the mix what you took from the refrigerator and keep this in freezer. You can use once you take out of the freezer.

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