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Nuts – 1 packet
Milk- 5 cup
Cornflour – 1 tbsp
Cocoa powder – 4 tbsp
Fresh cream – 1 1/2 cup
Powdered sugar – 4 tbsp
Gelatin – 1 tbsp
Water – 1/4 cup
Sugar – 3/4 cup

Prepare the chocolate ice cream first. Keep aside 3/4 glass of milk and then boil the rest of the milk for 20 minutes in medium flame. Add cornflour to 1/4 cup of milk. Add 1/2 cup cocoa powder to the 1/2 cup of milk. Mix well and add to the milk. Add sugar to the cornflour mix. Make a custard . Soak gelatin in water. Heat in small flame. Add this to the custard. Keep aside for 3 – 4 hours. Mix well the cream and powdered sugar together. Refrigerate. Crush the chocolate custard to small pieces and mix well. Freeze it. When the chocolate ice cream is all set, add the nuts to it, crush and mix well and freeze again.

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