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Chocolate ice – 3
Milk – ½ Liter
Egg Yolk – 5
Sugar – 50 gram
Cocoa powder – 3 spoon
Chocolate – 1.2 cp ( powdered)
Thick Milk Crea – 250 gram

Method of preparation

Add Sugar along to the Egg yolk and whisk it properly. Whisk it vigorously ill it becomes good soft. Boil the milk in a pan. Should take care not to get over boiled. Remove the hot milk from the stove and slowly add the milk in to egg mixture. Blend this thoroughly without lumps and again keep this in the flame. Again you should take care that the milk is not getting over boiled. Continue to cook till the mixture is quite thick. Stir it continuously in a low flame till it get thickens. Add the cocoa powder and stir well. take care not to get lumps. Remove it from the flames and allow it become cool for some time. Later add the powdered chocolate into this. Transfer this content to a bowl and keep this to refrigerate. Do not freeze.

On getting cooled Take out the chocolate mix from the refrigerator . Whisk the thick cream in a mixer and add the blended cream to the chocolate sauce and blend it again in a mixer. Then Keep this mixer in a bowl and freeze it before using


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