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Butter – 100 Gram
Milk Powder – 100 gram
Cocoa – 4 table spoon
Raisins – 100 gram
Cherries – 50 gram
Cashew nut – 50 gram
Vanilla essence – 1 table spoon
Sugar – 75 gram

Method of cooking

Melt the butter by keeping the flame very low. Mix the Cocoa, sugar, milk powder and sieve it by using a filter. Put this in a deep vessel. Add the chopped raisins cherries , cashew nut and melted butter and mix it properly. Lastly pour the vanilla essence and mix it until it well combined. Grease a plate with Ghee. Spread the mix in the plate and keep the same in refrigerator to make it cool, After getting set cut it in square shape.

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