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Cherupayar – 250 gram
Coconut – ½ portion
Jaggery – 375 gram
Rice flour (pachari ) – 3 cup

Method of preparation
Prepare the rice dough as you make it for kozhukkatta. Also add the grated coconut. Then roast the cherupayar and boil it. drain out the water completely . when it gets cooled put it in the grinding stone and make powder. Then make the jaggery into syrup and add a pinch of salt , then powdered cherupayar, cardamom powder and prepare a mix so that you can make balls out of the dough. Cut the coconut into small pieces and fry it in ghee and mix it with the dough. When it get cooled, make small balls out of it. Take little oil in hand and take the dough ball and keep it in the palm and spread it. then keep the cherupayar balls into it and close it. then keep the prepared balls into the idli steamer and cook it by steaming. Cherupayar kozhukatta is ready.

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