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Banana – 4
Maida – 1 cup
Milk – 3 cup
Sugar – 3 tea spoon
Egg yolk – 2
Cream – 2 tea spoon
Butter – one tea spoon

Method of preparation

Take maida on one vessel. Add salt and sugar into it and mix. Pour milk into it.Stir well and make a thick paste. Then keep the mixture in stove to thicken it. Keep on stirring it. When the mixture get thicken remove from the stove.
In another vessel, take egg yolk, butter, cream and mix it together. Stir it until it gets soft. Then add this prepared mixture into the earlier prepared mixture and heat for some time. Don’t forget to stir. Add vanilla essence into it and remove from the stove.
By the time smash the banana. Add little of it in a bowl and on top of it pour the prepared mixture. Then again on top of it add banana mixture and the batter mixture and keep it on the fridge to cool.

After getting cooled, decorate it with cherry and wafer and can serve

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