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1.Palayan Kodan Banana ( Mysore pazham) – 25 nos
2.Sugar – 250 gram
3.Cinnamon – 4 inch pieces
4.Cloves – 6 nos
5.Lemon juice – 2 table spoon Or citric acid – 1 spoon

Method of preparation

Cut the banana into small pieces. add required water to cook the banana. Add cinnamon, cloves and cook. When it get cooked and become soft remove from the stove. When it gets cooled remove the cinnamon pieces and cloves from it and crush the banana into a fine paste. When it get cooled strain through a cheese cloth kept over a bowl and squeeze the banana well and collect the juice and discard the residue. Measure the juice what you get out of it. You have to take the equal measure of sugar based on the juice and add into the banana juice.keep it in the stove with low flame and continuously stir it till the sugar get dissolved. Add lemon juice or citric acid and stir it by increasing the flame in the stove. Keep on stirring it till it come to the stage of the jam. Then remove from the stove and can transfer the content into the jar . cover the jar with a thin cloth. When it get cooled melt the wax and pour above it and close it after it becomes solid

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