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Milk maid – 1 tin
Milk – 3 tin
Apple – 2 nos
China grass (agar agar) – 10 gram
Vanilla Essence – 1 tea spoon

Method of preparation

Remove the skin of apple and keep it in refrigerator. Other wise the colour will change. Boil half tin of milk. Make the china grass into small pieces. Dissolve the china grass pieces in the boiled milk. Take another vessel and pour the milk maid and the remaining milk and boil. Also add the dissolved milk and boil till it . Stir it continuously till it comes to the cream stage. When it becomes the cream stage remove it from the stove and add one tea spoon of vanilla essence and mix well. Beat it by using the beater and pour the cream into a flat vessel. Add the grated apple into the cream. There are chances of getting over cooked and hence the milk cream should not be hot. The measure of the milk cram should stand above the apple pieces . Keep the mix into freezer to set it. Can serve it cool

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