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This is a Srilankan Sweet dish


Rice flour – 10 cup
Sugar – 2 cup
Water – 2 cup
Cardamom – 3-4
Cashew nut – as required

Method of preparation

Roast the rice flour in medium flame. ( soak the pachari and drain out the water and powder it) take little portion from this and keep it aside. Now prepare the sugar syrup. For that take sugar and water and heat. When the syrup gets thickened remove from the stove and stir it. at this time add the cardamom powder, and cashew nut into it and stir. When the syrup gets cooled, add the roasted rice flour and mix it thoroughly. Then spread this mixture approximately in one centimeter thickness in a flat tray immediately. After spreading , you can cut it in required shape. Then spread the roasted rice flour on top of it.

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