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This vegetable salad of sweet potato and pumpkin is liked by every one. This is totally nutritious.


1.Sweet potato – sliced very thin – 80 gram
2.Pumpkin – sliced very thin – 80 gram
3.Dry Oregano – ¼ tea spoon
4.Feta Cheese – 4 gram
5.Olive oil – 20 milli liter
6.Olive – 10
7.Crushed pepper – 1 ½ tea spoon
8.Salt – as required

Method of preparation

Take olive oil in a pan. Grill the sweet potato and pumpkin separately. it should be grilled by adding required salt and crushed pepper. Keep this aside for cooling. Then place it in the salad plate. On top of it can decorate with Dry Oregano, Olive, and Feta Cheese. Then on top you can spread the dressing and can serve

For Dressing
1.Honey – 3 tea spoon
2.Pepper crushed – ¼ tea spoon
3.Olive Oil – 2 tea spoon
4.Salt – as required
5.Parsley leaves – cut into small pieces – 2 tea spoon
( mix all the above ingredients and the dressing is ready)

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