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Mangatholi – approximately 8- 10 pieces
Garlic – 15 – 20 cloves ( big)
To fry – curry leaves, chilly, mustard seed
Chilly powder – as required
Turmeric powder – little
Hing – one spoon
Fenugreek powder – 1 spoon

Method of preparation

Soak the mangatholi in water for four to five hours. After that cut it into small pieces. Crush the garlic/ take a pan and pour little coconut oil and add the mustard seed, chilly and curry leaves and fry. Then add the crushed garlic and saute. When it get saute, add the mangatholi pieces and again saute. When it gets brown colour add the chilly powder and mix. You can add some more coconut oil into it. When the chilly gets saute add the water what you soaked the mangatholi it. since the water will have salt content ,not required to add salt again. Then add some more water and boil. When it get boiled and the gravy gets thickened you can remove from the stove . then add the fenugreek powder and mix.

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