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1.Garlic – 100 gram
2.Shallots – 100 gram
3.Tomato – 200 gram
4.Ginger – 25 gram
5.Butter – 2 table spoon
6.Maida – 2 table spoon
7.Water of cooked meat ( chicken or meat) – 6 cup
8.Salt , pepper – as required

Method of preparation

Peel off the skin of garlic, ginger and shallots and chop it to small pieces. Cut tomato into small pieces. heat butter and add chopped ginger, garlic and shallots into it and fry. Add tomato and water into it. Cook the same in a Pressure cooker for 20 minutes. When it get cooked beat it with a beater and take out the soup. Add required salt and pepper. Then heat it gain and can serve hot.

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