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Carrot – 100gm
Cabbage – 100gm
Cauliflour – 100gm
Savala – 100gm
Beans – 100gms
Capsicum – 50gm
Ginger – 5 gm
Green chilly – 5gm
Soya sauce, Chilly sauce – 15ml
Pepper powder – 5gm
Ajinomoto – a pinch
Sugar – a pinch
Oil – 30ml
Shallot – 15gm
Noodles – 100gm
Corriander leaves – 10gm
Maida – 50gm

Mix well beated eggs, maida, pepper powder, salt, cornflour, ajinomoto, sugar and water together. Dip all the vegetables cut to this dough and fry. In a pan add oil and saute ginger, green chilly, shallot, soya sauce and chilly sauce. Fry the noodles. Add to this sauted mixture the fried vegetables and noodles. Garnish with corriander leaves and shallot and serve.

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