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Chocolate Ice Cream – one or two scoops
Milk – 8 owns or 230 milli liter
Chocolate straws or sticks
Powdered Browny – 2
Whipped cream
Chocolate syrup or sauce

Method of preparation

Pour the milk into the blender. Add chocolate ice cream into it. One or two spoons are enough. You can add based on your taste. Blend the milk and ice cream till it becomes soft. Add powdered browny. You should make sure that chocolate get powdered properly other wise it is difficult to blend it correctly.
Add all the other ingredients and mix it and Blend it till it gets mixed well without any lumps. Then switch off the blender and pour this into the triple chocolate milk shake glasses. Decorate the milk shake with the whipped cream. Add chocolate syrup or sauce above it. Then taste it with chocolate straw or stick.

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