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Grape wine - Adukkala


1. Grapes cleaned properly – 4 kilo
2. Sugar – 6 kg
3. Wheat – 1 kg
4. Yeast – 4 small spoon
5. Egg – 4 nos
6. Sugar – 1 kg


Clean the grapes thoroughly. Drain the water. And if possible spread the grapes on wide tray to allow it to dry off the excess water. Take a ceramic Jar, clean it properly with hot water and put the dried grapes into it and smash a little bit. Then add the cleaned wheat, sugar and yeast into it. Boil some water and once it get cool add the egg white and add into the jar and mix the contents. Then close the jar with a piece of cloth tightly and leave it for 22 days.
In the first two days you need to carefully open the jar and by using the wooden spoon stir the contents are evenly mixed. After twenty one day, open the jar and slowly pour out the contents of the jar into a filter. The filtered liquid has to be poured with another vessel and add the sugar into then. Then filter it and pour some Rum so that it won’t get sour and can store in bottle.

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