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Mango – 8 ( slightly big)
Chilly powder – 3 table spoon
Fenugreek fried and powdered – 2 tea spoon
Mustard seed fried and powdered – 2 tea spoon
Cumin seed – 1 tea spoon
Pepper powder – 1 tea spoon
Salt – as required
Turmeric powder – little
Dried chilly – 4

Method of preparation

Clean the mango without removing the outer skin. After that pour water so as to dip the mango and cook it for fifteen minutes by boiling. Then drain out the water and on getting cooled slit it vertically with the seed and keep it in the sunlight to dry for one whole day. Later add little turmeric powder and salt and keep it on the sunlight again for three more days. In the evening you should keep this in a vessel as this will give out water. Marinate this juice in the mango and again dry for six more days then Take cumin powder, mustard powder, chilly powder, fenugreek powder, pepper powder and required salt and mix. Later cover the mango with this prepared mix . put this in Barani and also place the banana leaf on the lid and close it tight. This can be used only after two months. This will be tastier if you have it with curd.

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