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1. Peas,Carrot,potato, beans, onion ,cabbage – Each one ½ Kilo
2. Curry leaves – ¼ cup
3. Green chillies – 4 nos
4. Maida – 1 cup
5. Ghee – 150 Grams
6. Salt – 2 spoon
7. Wheat flour – 1/3 cup

Method of preparation

Clean the vegetables, peel off the skin , chop it and cook. Also add required salt. Drain out the water from the cooked vegetable and keep it aside., Heat Oil in a pan and add mustard seed and allow it to splutter. Add the cooked vegetables and fry it by adding ghee, Also add the chopped green chillies and mix it very well. Take the Maida and Wheat flour, required salt and one gram baking powder and mix well and knead it to become a dough. Then take little bit of the dough and roll it like chapathi. Then keep the fired vegetable mix in this and fold it. The side and the corners should be pasted well so that the mix will not come out. Then put the samoosa in oil and fry it till it become golden colour. After getting cooked remove from the flames and samoosa is ready to serve.


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