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Urud dal ( black gram) – 1 cup
Green gram (cherupayar) – 1 cup
Dalda – 2 tea spoon
Roasted rice powder – 1 cup
Shallots – ½ cup
Garlic – 6 cloves
Salt – as required
Sesame seed – 1 tea spoon
Cumin seed – ½ tea spoon
Oil – as required

Method of preparation

Soak the black gram and green gram in the water. Clean it and cook it by adding required salt. After cooking crush the same to become paste. Add dalda and roasted rice flour and knead it. Also add the paste of shallots and garlic. Then add the sesame seed and cumin seed and knead again. Take the muruku mould and place the dough into it and press firmly . Squeeze out the Murukku over a greased ladle and drop them gently into the hot oil and fry. Onion Murukku is ready. After getting cooled store it in a air tight container.

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