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Mathi – ½ Kilo
Green chilly
Coriander leaves
Turmeric powder
Potato as required

Method of preparation

Clean the mathi and cut it into pieces. cook the same in water by adding salt and turmeric powder. When the mathi get cooked remove the bones and crush the mathi. Fry the same in the coconut oil. Add cinnamon, cloves, thakkolam, cardamom, and mix. then add green chilly , shallots, coriander leaves, garam masala powder, boiled and crushed potato and mix. Can also add little pepper powder. When it get fried take little bit of the mix and make the shape of cutlet by using your palm. You can repeat the process and keep all the cutlets in a plate. Later take one by one and dip in maida flour. Then Coat well with the beaten egg and dip in bread crumbs. Take a pan and pour sufficient oil for frying. Fry both sides of the cutlet until golden brown colour. Mathi cutlet is ready

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