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1. Maththi : ½ Kg
2. Ginger : One piece
3. Green chilly : Three
4. Curry leaves : One petal
5. Coriander leaf : Few
6. Turmeric powder : Half teaspoon
7. Cinnamon : One piece
8. Cloves : Two
9. Cardamom : Two
10. Small onion : five
11. Potato : ¼ Kg
12. Salt : as needed.


Cut the fish and cook with the turmeric and salt. After the fish is cooked well, hold its tail part and shake into another pan so that the flesh will be separated. Fry this is a pan stirring well so that it is well smashed. Mix into this, all spices and cut sliced onion and chilly. Add cooked and smashed potato. Keep for cooling. Make into shape of cutlet, dip in Maida powder and beaten egg and fry in oil.

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