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Lakkottappam - Adukkala



1. Maid – 2 Cups
2. Egg-1
3. Salt- To Taste

For Filling
1. Ghee-1 Teaspoon
2. Egg-6
3. Sugar-6 Table Spoon
4. Cardamom-4
5. Cashew Nust, Kismiss- As Required

For Sugar Syrup
1. Sugar-1/2 Cup
2. Water-1/2 Cup
3. Yellow Colour-1 Pinch


Take a pan, put on medium flame.  Add ghee fry the cashews and kismiss till golden, keep aside. Beat the eggs adding sugar and make scrambled eggs. Add roasted cashew and kismis and cool. Make a thick dough with maida adding salt egg and water consistency to that of a dosa mix. Put a frying pan on flame. Pour the dough mix making small pan cake Put the filling in middle and fold the side to form the shape of and envelope. Make another pancake bigger than the first. Put the first one in middle and cover. Similarly do for another two. So that there will be four layers for each make the sugar syrup by boiling said water and add sugar till it gets the consistency of thick syrup add colour. Take the pan cakes in a plate. Make a slit in the middle of each. Pour the sugar syrup over them to decorate and serve.

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