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1. Rice – 1 liter
2. Sugar – ½ Kilo
3. Coconut – 2 nos
4. Cumin seed – 2 spoon
5. Garlic – ½ cup
6. Shallots – 1 cup
7. Black gram – 1 cup
8. Coconut oil – 250
9. Salt – 2 tea spoon

Method of preparation

Soak the Bengal gram in water and wash it thoroughly and remove the black skin. Grind it to become a batter. Cut the garlic and shallots. Grind the Cumin seed to make a paste. Grate the coconut and take out the milk by squeezing it. After that by adding water take out the milk again. Powder the rice and roast it till it get light brown colour. Then add the first and second coconut milk and mix well. Finally add the third coconut milk . Keep this in flame till the water get drained. Remove it from flame and keep it for cooling. When it get cooled knead this again to make a dough. Take the banana leaves and apply the oil. Make the kneaded dough into small balls , keep the ball in the banana leave and place one more leaf above it. Press the dough by using a flat plate and spread it. Roll into small chappathis and paste two ends together, looking like a long cylinder. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the kuzhalappam. Dissolve the sugar in water and make a syrup. Place it in the flame and boil it till the water get draned. When it get the thread consistency take out it from the flame. Put the fried kuzhalappam into the sugar syrup . and mix well. when the kuzhalappam absorbs the sugar store it in air tight container.

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