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1.Cooked rice – 2 cup
2.Chowari ( cooked) – 2 table spoon
3.Turmeric powder – 1 spoon
4.Chilly powder – as required
5.Hing powder – ¼ spoon
6.Pepper powder – ¼ spoon
7.Salt – as required
8.Coconut oil – 1 spoon
9.Water – 1 ½ cup
10.Sesame seed (Ellu) – 2 spoon

Method of preparation

Grind the cooked rice into paste and mix it in water. Add the ingredients from 2 to 7 and boil. When the water get drained out add the coconut oil. The mix should be stirred well till you remove it from the stove. When the mix comes to the stage of idiyappam remove it from the stove and spread the sesame seed( ellu) . when the mix get cooled take a murukku mould and fit in the star shaped disc. Fill it with the murukku dough and press and it in a plastic sheet in required shape. Keep it in the sun for two to three days and make it dry. Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the chottu murrukku and can serve.

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