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1. Tapioca ( maracheeni) boiled – 2 cup
Bread pieces (removed the side hard portions) – 4 slice
2. Fish with thick flesh boiled by adding salt, little chilly powder, turmeric powder,and kudam puli and remove the bones – 1 cup
3. Ginger ( chopped – 1 pieces
Green chilly – 4
Shallots – 10
Garlic – 6 cloves
4. Chilly powder, coriander powder – ½ spoon each
Garam masala – ½ spoon
5. Coriander leaves – chopped – ½ cup
Curry leaves – little
Fennel seed – ½ spoon
6. Oil – to fry

Method of preparation

Smash the boiled tapioca. Then add the bread slices into it and knead it to become dough. Make lemon size balls out of it and spread round by using a roller.
Boil the fish and add third mentioned ingredients and fourth mentioned ingredients and sauté in coconut oil. Along with it add the fifth mentioned ingredients and also add the required salt and mix well. And keep It aside.
Place this mixture on top of the tapioca (maracheeni) and roll it or make balls. Fry this rolls / balls in the oil and fry till it becomes golden colour. Can serve it,with tomato ketchup.

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