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1. Rice Flour
2. Coconut milk – 1 cup first milk and two cups second minlk.
3. Jagerry – 250 gm
4. Cashew, resin, coconut pieces
5. Ghee
6. Water


Mix the rice flour with water and make a dough. Fill this in a
sevanaazhi( with which you make nool puttu or idiappam). Keep a vessel
on fire with enough water and boil. While the water is boiling push
the rice dough like noodles into the water and when it is cooked, add
one cup second milk. When it is thickened, add the jagery and the
rest of second milk. Stir until the jagerry is dissolved and then add
two teaspoon of ghee. Add the nuts, resin and coconut pieces all fried
in ghee. Add the first milk and remove from fire.

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