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Kuva ( Arrow Root) powder – 25 gram
Jaggery – approximately 100 gram
Grated coconut – half portion ( if required you can take more)
Banana – 45 nos
Cardamom powder – one pinch
Water – as required

Method of preparation

Melt the jaggery to make syrup and keep it aside. Make the kuva podi ( arrowroot powder) into batter by adding sufficient water. You should add more water and make the batter very loose. Transfer this batter into a thick bottom pan and keep it in stove and stir it continuously. When it get thickened , add the jaggery syrup and grated coconut and stir it again till the water starts to get drained out. Add the cardamom powder and remove it from the falmes. After removing from the stove add the banana pieces and mix it. Kuva payasam is ready.

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