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Jackfruit cooked in jaggery – One and half cup
Grated coconut – Five cups
fine rice powder – half cup
Ghee – Two table spoon
Sesame seed – 1 spoon
Dried ginger powder – 1 teaspoon
Cumin seed fried and powdered – One and half teaspoon
Jaggery in water – Required


Pour 4 cup water in the grated coconut and take out the first, second and third milk separately adding 4 cups water each time. mix the rice powder in three quarter boiled water with a pinch of salt dough well with a spoonful of ghee and make small balls of the size of a lizard egg. Dissolve the jack frit in the third milk and mix the second milk and boil the mix stirring well. Add the rice balls. After it is cooked mix all the spice powder. add jaggery water for proper sweetness. In the balance ghee fry the sesame seed, powder it and add. Ready to serve for 12 people.

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